Good Sam Gives Back to Children’s Hospital in Phoenix

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A stay at the hospital is never fun. But a stay at the hospital for kids is a real downer. Being sick as kid means interrupted play time, explore time, and importantly–outside time.  

week 10 - 19
Tiffany & Caleb packing Camp Kits for Kids with the Good Sam Mobile

While traveling through Arizona on the Ultimate RV Show: National Tour, The Remingtons and Good Sam decided to brighten the days of children at the Children’s Hospital in Phoenix. How? The Remingtons helped bring the outdoors in, with 100 camp kits to distribute among the little patients. The Camp kits included fun outdoor items to help ignite their adventurous spirit, like backpacks, flashlights, drinks, sleeping bags, and fishing poles.

The fun had only just begun. Tiffany and Caleb worked closely with the hospital to conduct a camping-focused trivia game streamed to in-room televisions. The trivia game was an engaging way for children and their families to have fun while staying safely in their rooms.

Everyone knows the best part about games are–the prizes! Tiffany and Caleb came prepared with prizes for trivia winners, like bikes, tents, scooters, and more. 

week 10 - 18
Tiffany & Caleb with the Prizes for Trivia Winners at the Children's Hospital

Seeing children smiling, laughing, and dreaming is one of life’s simple pleasures. Good Sam Gives Back was thrilled to have the help of Tiffany and Caleb to make these little faces shine brighter. #GoodSamGivesBack #BeGoodDoGood