Good Sam on Good Deeds Day

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There’s never a bad day to do a good deed and make someone’s life a little brighter, easier. Still, a day like National Good Deeds Day serves as a much needed reminder to pay it forward whenever we can. After a year like 2020, we couldn’t think of a better time to lend a helping hand to our neighbors. With the motto “Be good. Do Good,” as our consistent rallying cry, we couldn’t wait to make someone’s day brighter.

What is a Good Deed?

Customers at Camping World of Chicago

So what constitutes a good deed? This could be almost anything kind, considerate, or thoughtful. Buy coffee for the car behind you in the drive-thru. Offer to care for a neighbors plants or pickup their mail on their next vacation. Mow an eldery neighbors yard when you notice it getting high. 

The opportunities to be kind to others is all around us, we just have to start looking. If you think hard enough, you’ve been on the receiving end of a good deed, and it likely turned your day, week, even year around. 

How Did Good Sam Celebrate?

In honor of Good Deeds Day, we surprised customers at Camping World of Chicago with shopping sprees totaling over $3,000.

Good Sam Volunteers packing lunches at Turning Point of Houston

Imagine running in with your shopping list, sticking strictly to a tight budget, only to leave with the relief that your wallet was no lighter, but your shopping list fully checked off.

Shoppers at Camping World Chicago, and followers of Good Sam’s Twitter account, were in on the excitement as we trickled out gift vouchers throughout the day. 

Good Deeds Day with Good Sam turned into a fun and thrilling way to “Be Good. Do Good,” brightening the masked faces of Camping World shoppers overjoyed with their haul.