Good Sam Gives Back to Healthcare Workers

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Healthcare workers were the heroes of 2020. Still today, nurses, doctors, and hospital staff continue to work long hours caring for patients, often well beyond their own personal exhaustion. There may be no real way to repay this debt of gratitude, but Good Sam wanted to see and celebrate those who work tirelessly to keep everyone healthy.

Caleb Remington bringing care packages from the Good Sam Mobile

In an effort to make the busy lives of healthcare workers just a little easier, Good Sam enlisted the help of the Remingtons, RVers traveling on the road full time. Caleb and Tiffany Remington made a pit stop while traveling on the Ultimate RV Show National Tour between Bowling Green, KY and

Minneapolis, MN. The University of Chicago Medical Center and Comer Children’s Hospital were their destinations. 

Why the detour? The Remingtons had stocked up the Good Sam Mobile and prepped care packages for the medical workers there. They curated self care items into a handy bundle, including essentials like:

Chapstick, hair ties, Coffee, energy drinks, compression socks, face moisturizer, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, water bottles, mugs, healthy snacks, teas, headbands, chocolate, Starbucks gift cards, cozy socks, waters, gum, eye mask, hand masks, foot masks, shoe inserts, self-care items, essential oils, cute badge holders, hard candy, mouth wash, four color pens, hydration packets.​

Tiffany described the nurse who greeted her at the children’s hospital as “jumping with joy.” These care packages were a simple gesture that helped make nurses and doctors’ lives a little easier. It was a great way to give back and show gratitude for the countless healthcare workers getting us through the COVID-19 pandemic. #GoodSamGivesBack #BeGoodDoGood