Good Sam Giving Back to the Homeless Community in Houston

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Good Sam has been the organization which has focused on the care and safety of the RV and outdoor community. But most importantly, our members are our family. In January of 2021, Good Sam partnered with the The Remingtons, nomadic parents-to-be that share their life and experiences with cystic fibrosis, mental health battles, infertility, and living tiny.  

Caleb Remington & Volunteers at with the Good Sam Mobile

Good Sam, Tiffany and Caleb Remington got together with a few Houston volunteers and Turning Point of Houston to distribute 400 meals due to Houston’s “Charitable Feeding Ordinance” that prohibits individuals from sharing meals with more than 5 individuals experiencing homelessness without a permit.

Turning Point Center offers food, shelter, and other rehabilitative services to meet the physical and emotional needs of a neglected segment of society:  underprivileged individuals aged 50 and above who are unable to provide safe and adequate living conditions for themselves. This incredible organization empowers people to transition out of homelessness by assisting them in establishing paid work, creating shared roles and responsibilities as the community chefs, gardners, cleaners and more. Most of the staff are residents! These resident clients of Turning Point Center receive assistance to obtain their GED, return to college, attend a vocational or trade school or organize and execute a job search.  

COVID has impacted the world and during this time, giving back is needed more than ever. Chad, Michael and Richard have been part of the program for about a year and are now thriving. They shared with us that because donations have been impacted due to COVID-19 and drop offs like this relives so much stress.

Good Sam Volunteers packing lunches at Turning Point of Houston

Good Sam and The Remington’s were given a tour of the facility, the organic garden, and left with big smiles and warm goodbyes filled with gratitude for the meals! #GoodSamGivesBack #BeGoodDoGood